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Yeti Sports by Connor
December 22, 2006, 9:35 am
Filed under: mobile, Online

Yeti Sports is collection of online games with one thing in mind, getting a penguin as far as possible. There are 12 games in total, not including the tournament mode and the online version. Many are available for your phone and are great time wasters, but that’s about it, for many of them, you need a perfect mouse and have to devote your full attention to the game at all times or you may miss something or leave that click too late. But, two of the games are different, parts 1 and 3 are very fun indeed, part one is the classic hit the penguin with a club. This just involves a quick trigger finger, and some spare time, and part 3 involves getting a penguin as high as possible by throwing it. Both are very funny and I highly recommend playing both of them.

Yeti Sports 1 - Hitting a penquinPenguins like flying…

Yeti Sports 2 - ThrowingWhen you get to the highest in the last five throws

Parts 1 & 3: 4.5/5

Rest: 1.5/5

Play them at Yeti Sports


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