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Boxhead: More Rooms by Connor
February 13, 2007, 3:20 pm
Filed under: 3d, Action, Horror, Online, sequel, Time Wasters

Boxhead: More Rooms is the sequel to Boxhead: The Rooms and is bursting with zombie-killing goodness. This is one sequal that lives up to the expectations of is forebearer.


The core element of the game hasn’t been changes, shoot zombies, get weapons, kill more zombies with new weapons, but now, you have the beast, an incarnation of the devil, to worry about.


He has the ablitily to fore fireballs at you, but don’t worry too much, now you have health, so you can last longer. Finally, there are more rooms for you to choose from, so now more carnage!

I’ll give this game 5/5 for it’s addicitve gameplay, brilliant ideas and following the line set by it’s predecessor.

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Boxhead: The Rooms – Game of The Month January by Connor
January 1, 2007, 8:19 pm
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Boxhead: The Rooms is an isometric zombie game with 8 weapons. There are five levels of awesomeness to go through, but each can be played anytime as this is not a liner game. The main objective is to kill zombies, and by killing zombies, you increase the multipiler in which determines how many points you gain from each kill, as the multiplier goes up, you get either new weapons or upgrades to old ones. In order for apearance, here are all the available weapons and their uses, power-ups and situations to be used in.

The Rooms 1

Pistol – Unlimited Ammo
The first weapon gained, and only to be used untill the Uzi is unlocked.

Uzi 9mm – 200 Ammo
Second weapon, good backup and multiplier inceaser. Use when the screen is fairly clear and as a back-up when setting something up.
Upgrades: Rapid Fire, Unlimited Ammo.

Shotgun – 40 Ammo
The main weapon that should be used in the game, but don’t don’t be fooled by the low ammo count, this is a heavy weapon that if used well, can be easily restocked by using it often and getting the orange boxes when you hit around 15-ish.
Upgrades: Big Shot, Rapid Fire.

Barrel Placement – 10 Ammo
This is a very useful tool for creating more effective mines than those made by the mine placement tool. Place infront of spawning points, then when they are packed in, fire at the barrels from a safe disdance.
Upgrades: Bigger Bang.

Grenades – 30 Ammo
Fairly useless exepting when in the tomb level once having blocked all entrances with barrels, throwing a grenade into the tomb.
Upgrades: Bigger Bang.

Mines – 5 Ammo
The most useless weapon, as barrels have bigger explotions and only one zombie can ever be affected, do not use.

Rocket Lancher – 30 Ammo
The rocket launcher is a good weapon for thinning out crouds untill the railgun is available.
Upgrades: Rapid Fire.

Railgun – 50 Ammo
The railgun is the best and last weapon in the game, allowing you to kill all the zombies infront of you in a straight line, once in rapid fire mode, is a very deadly weapon.
Upgrades: Rapid Fire.

Warning! This game is addicive! 5/5

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December ’06 – Gunny Bunny ++ by Connor
December 23, 2006, 7:49 pm
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This year’s game of the year (and Decembers game of the month) is…


Gunny Bunny ++

Gunny Bunny 1

Gunny Bunny ++ is the sequel of the not-so-good Gunny Bunny, but this game is the best! It may be quite old, but it is very good. Good enough to spend almost an hour laying it over and over again! You play as a rabbit with two guns being chased by a millionaire evil thing. you fight your way through:

gunny bunny 2

  1. 2 police officers
  2. lots of robot officers
  3. lots of little helpless Guinea Pig thing
  4. about 15 flying things
  5. 1 evil robot millionaire thing


You can either fire both guns at one target, or by pressing SPACE, you can split the your aim and get two different targets. The LEFT MOUSE BUTTON fires tour right gun, whereas the D key fires your right gun. Move the mouse to the top left, then middle bottom and then top right then finally middle bottom. This will make you slash, killing most enemies on screen. Pressing the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and then the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON will help as it will show the cursor. This is a brilliant game well worth your time.

I give it 4.5/5 as it’s pretty graphics intensive.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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