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Halo CTF by Connor
February 18, 2007, 5:53 pm
Filed under: Action, Defence, Online, Shooting, Time Wasters

Halo CTF is a side-scrolling capture-the-flasg parrody of the Capture the Flag mode in Halo’s multi-player mode. Although it has no multi-player mode, it is excedingly fun to play and with the changeable win settings.

The only downsides are that the gun on the warthog cannot hit any of the enemy troops and that getting out of the warthog is not as easy as getting in and getting in doesn’t always work.

This game, although fun, has quite a few glitches even a year and 8 months after production. I’ll give it 3/5 and I’m waiting for Halo CTF 2.

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Imminent by Connor
February 4, 2007, 2:45 pm
Filed under: Action, Defence, Online, Shooting, Stratagy

Imminent is a defence game with a rather unnerving extra. It has two modes, victory, and defeat In victory, you fight for victory after 40 levels, but in defeat, you fight to survive and to last out while the enemies whittle away your last defence, this is endless. This is what defence games are about.

By aiming with the mouse, you control the turret, one gun standing between you and defeat. There are two sets of numbers at the bottom, the lower one is your cash, you use this to buy upgrades (the repair button works on mouseover not mousedoen so when you put the mouse over it, it repairsyou automaticly) and new guns. The upper number is your amour level, the first, your current armour, the second, your total armour. The Number at the top indicates the level you are on. For each mode, there are three difficulty settings for each mode: Victory is Normal, Great and Grand. Defeat is Eventual, Near and Imminent.

This game is a genre setting game, defence games should not be a set fight untill some set goal, yet some are like that and this can be rewarding, but, most are last stands, where deffeat is enevitable and your efforts can nly delay it. This game is gold. 5/5.

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Defend Atlantis by Connor
January 18, 2007, 7:53 am
Filed under: Action, Defence, Online, Stratagy

Defend Atlantis is a very funny, very satisfing game, but it’s not as easy as it looks. You have to defend atlantis by trapping the enemies in bubbles, therefor floating them away from the city, but the normal bubbles won’t hold the spiky enemies, so there are different types of bubbles that all use up different ammounts of air, air is what stops you from just creating bubbles non-stop and adds n element of stratagy to this game. As the levels go on, you can create bigger bubbles and you unlock the different bubbes in the following order:


Normal Bubbles: For use on the first level.
Metal Bubbles: For use on spiky enemies.
Poison Bubbles: For use on divers.
Shrinking Bubbles: For use on divers and red barrels, also when low on air.
Explosive Bubbles: For use on divers, all barrels and when board.
Shockwave Bubbles: For use in free play mode.


Once you complete the game, free play mode is unlocked, giving you the same set-up as the final level, but never ending (or at least untill you press quit).

I’ll give this game 4/5.

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Rail of War by Connor
January 2, 2007, 4:06 pm
Filed under: Action, Defence, Online, Paid with free demo, Stratagy

Rail of War is an Online game with a full, off-line, paid version, I am reviewing the unpaid online version.

Rail of War looks like an exiting prospect. You control a train with guns on it and ride it through enemy teritory collecting and dropping off wagons whilst killing tanks, armoured cars, airstrips, planes, bunkers and helicopters, there are 2 levels plus a level editor and a rail-rage mode unlocked at the end of level 2.

The only problem is that in the description, it says 10 levels, and you can only play 1 level, in the level editor screen, it says you can export xml files of all the maps and levels you make, but you can only save 1. Whilst the gameplay is good and the graphics are easy on the eye, the fact that the whole game lasts about 15-20 mins with only 1 posible level to make and the rail-rage is rather naff, this makes for very un-inviting gameplay.


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