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December ’06 – Gunny Bunny ++ by Connor
December 23, 2006, 7:49 pm
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This year’s game of the year (and Decembers game of the month) is…


Gunny Bunny ++

Gunny Bunny 1

Gunny Bunny ++ is the sequel of the not-so-good Gunny Bunny, but this game is the best! It may be quite old, but it is very good. Good enough to spend almost an hour laying it over and over again! You play as a rabbit with two guns being chased by a millionaire evil thing. you fight your way through:

gunny bunny 2

  1. 2 police officers
  2. lots of robot officers
  3. lots of little helpless Guinea Pig thing
  4. about 15 flying things
  5. 1 evil robot millionaire thing


You can either fire both guns at one target, or by pressing SPACE, you can split the your aim and get two different targets. The LEFT MOUSE BUTTON fires tour right gun, whereas the D key fires your right gun. Move the mouse to the top left, then middle bottom and then top right then finally middle bottom. This will make you slash, killing most enemies on screen. Pressing the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and then the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON will help as it will show the cursor. This is a brilliant game well worth your time.

I give it 4.5/5 as it’s pretty graphics intensive.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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