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Stick Arena by Connor
December 22, 2006, 11:58 am
Filed under: Action, Multi-player, Online, Sticks

Stick Arena is a MMOG, There are lot’s of players, lot’s of people to frag (hehehe). you can either sign up at http://www.stickarena.com or use there qick play, but beware, you can only get ranks if you sign up. There are lot’s of weapons, but you can’t sneak up on people as it’s a top down game. But, if you fire randomly with the machine gun, you may hit, then go in and finish the job, there is also a chat function, but often, you’ll be too buisy playing and killing (or dying) to chat.

This isn’t the best multi-player game, but it’s good, free and has lot’s of people, I’ll give it about 3.5/5.

Duck Hunting

This game can be found on Stick Arena