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Ragdoll Masters by Connor
January 5, 2007, 8:15 am
Filed under: Action, Offline, Paid with free demo, Sticks

Ragdoll Masters is an offline stick fighting game with some real class, this isn’t just another fighting game, but one in almost zero g, and it’s a download. It has three modes, 1 Player, 2 Player vs and 2Player co-op. In 1 Player mode in the free version, you are pitted against a black stick man (you are the white one) and you must control your character via the arrow keys, trying to hit the other characters head and body with your arms and legs (and head, although, if you hit their head with yours, both will receive damage). Combo’s are gained through repeated damaging hits in a short space of time and multiply the amount of damage you give. Damage is visible through red bands on the characters arms but only use this as a guide. Once you have defeated your enemy, they explode into their component parts (balls, this game works by joining balls and allowing some movement, some damaging ability, and some the ability to take damage).

Ragdoll 1

But what will keep you coming back is the vs mode, it uses the same control method but player two uses the WASD keys, the AI may be good in 1 player mode but playing against an enemy that’s beside you is much harder and much more fun.

Ragdoll 2 - combo

This may be a paying game, but it’s well worth downloading it and, maybe, buying the full version.

Ragdoll 3 - winner

4/5 – Cos it’s a short game, but really fun

You can download this game at ragdollsoft.com


Rail of War by Connor
January 2, 2007, 4:06 pm
Filed under: Action, Defence, Online, Paid with free demo, Stratagy

Rail of War is an Online game with a full, off-line, paid version, I am reviewing the unpaid online version.

Rail of War looks like an exiting prospect. You control a train with guns on it and ride it through enemy teritory collecting and dropping off wagons whilst killing tanks, armoured cars, airstrips, planes, bunkers and helicopters, there are 2 levels plus a level editor and a rail-rage mode unlocked at the end of level 2.

The only problem is that in the description, it says 10 levels, and you can only play 1 level, in the level editor screen, it says you can export xml files of all the maps and levels you make, but you can only save 1. Whilst the gameplay is good and the graphics are easy on the eye, the fact that the whole game lasts about 15-20 mins with only 1 posible level to make and the rail-rage is rather naff, this makes for very un-inviting gameplay.


You can find this game on Newgrounds (Opens in a new window)