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Halo CTF by Connor
February 18, 2007, 5:53 pm
Filed under: Action, Defence, Online, Shooting, Time Wasters

Halo CTF is a side-scrolling capture-the-flasg parrody of the Capture the Flag mode in Halo’s multi-player mode. Although it has no multi-player mode, it is excedingly fun to play and with the changeable win settings.

The only downsides are that the gun on the warthog cannot hit any of the enemy troops and that getting out of the warthog is not as easy as getting in and getting in doesn’t always work.

This game, although fun, has quite a few glitches even a year and 8 months after production. I’ll give it 3/5 and I’m waiting for Halo CTF 2.

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Boxhead: More Rooms by Connor
February 13, 2007, 3:20 pm
Filed under: 3d, Action, Horror, Online, sequel, Time Wasters

Boxhead: More Rooms is the sequel to Boxhead: The Rooms and is bursting with zombie-killing goodness. This is one sequal that lives up to the expectations of is forebearer.


The core element of the game hasn’t been changes, shoot zombies, get weapons, kill more zombies with new weapons, but now, you have the beast, an incarnation of the devil, to worry about.


He has the ablitily to fore fireballs at you, but don’t worry too much, now you have health, so you can last longer. Finally, there are more rooms for you to choose from, so now more carnage!

I’ll give this game 5/5 for it’s addicitve gameplay, brilliant ideas and following the line set by it’s predecessor.

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Line Rider by Connor
January 28, 2007, 6:45 pm
Filed under: Gadget, Mini-game, Online, Physics, Time Wasters

Line Rider is one of the most amazing things you can leagally do on the internet. It is a game where you draw a line with all manner of loops bends jumps and pitfalls and then press play and watch this little guy on a sledge with a scarf go down it with no worry for his own saftey, and most likely, die. The best way for me to explain this is by showing some You-Tube videos of what you can do with it. I’ll give it 4.5/5. Here is a quote from the official page showing you just how much people like it.

“Line Rider is at once a model of every man, and also an individual for whom we should hold great regard. His is a fate drawn on a blank slate, sure in path but difficult in execution. His path is frought with difficult and sometimes impossible obstacles which all end, ultimately, in certain death.
Yet, alone, he faces these tasks head on without complaint or objection. He merely blinks at such fatally dire consequences as pixel-crushing jump, staggering boredom (should he stall on course) and infinite chasm. Only by the tack of his scarf do we know his trajectory in the chalk white matrix.
God speed, Line Rider.
Think of his three pixel kids sitting at home, and his wife, who knit him the scarf.”

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Armour Slots by Connor
January 18, 2007, 7:55 am
Filed under: Casino, Online, Time Wasters

Armour Slots is a game with a single purpous, have you guessed it yet, slot machines, there are two too choose from and both may seem identical save for the icons and names, but the winnings are also different.

Newgrounds Slots – More free spins, higher max, lower low.

Armour Slots – Better chances, average winnings, good for beginners.

All in all this is an addictive game withok music, but can get repettitive, not for those who don’t like gambling.

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Extreme Ironing by Connor
January 18, 2007, 7:54 am
Filed under: Mini-game, Online, Time Wasters

Extreme Ironing is the most pointless game ever, it involves doing ironing, fast. There are two irons to chose from and three ironing boards to choose from, these are just asthetics though, as it is just your skill that makes a difference. This game may sound strange, but is one of the best games I have ever played, but, ‘cos it’s strange, and it’s the middle of the month, it cannot get game of the month, instead it gets 5/5 for being so wonderfully weird.


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Heli Invasion 2 by Connor
January 18, 2007, 7:52 am
Filed under: Action, Online, Shooting, Stratagy, Time Wasters

Heli Invasion 2 is an odd game, it starts with a tower with four turrets inside the tower and a single mounted gun on the top (which you control). You then have to shoot at the oncoming helicopters and people. You can then, once you have shot enough stuff to acquire money to do this, buy the turrets in the tower, upgrade the turrets, upgrade the main gun, buy AA guns, upgrade the AA guns, buy missile launchers and finally, upgrade the missile launchers. After a while, it gets repetitive and boring, this is really a rather dull game that comes alive at about level 15-20 where you have fully upgraded yourself and are struggling to keep up with all the people.

hi2 1

I’ll give this game 2/5 as it only gets good at the very end.

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Boxhead: The Rooms – Game of The Month January by Connor
January 1, 2007, 8:19 pm
Filed under: 3d, Action, Game of the Month, Horror, Online, Time Wasters

Boxhead: The Rooms is an isometric zombie game with 8 weapons. There are five levels of awesomeness to go through, but each can be played anytime as this is not a liner game. The main objective is to kill zombies, and by killing zombies, you increase the multipiler in which determines how many points you gain from each kill, as the multiplier goes up, you get either new weapons or upgrades to old ones. In order for apearance, here are all the available weapons and their uses, power-ups and situations to be used in.

The Rooms 1

Pistol – Unlimited Ammo
The first weapon gained, and only to be used untill the Uzi is unlocked.

Uzi 9mm – 200 Ammo
Second weapon, good backup and multiplier inceaser. Use when the screen is fairly clear and as a back-up when setting something up.
Upgrades: Rapid Fire, Unlimited Ammo.

Shotgun – 40 Ammo
The main weapon that should be used in the game, but don’t don’t be fooled by the low ammo count, this is a heavy weapon that if used well, can be easily restocked by using it often and getting the orange boxes when you hit around 15-ish.
Upgrades: Big Shot, Rapid Fire.

Barrel Placement – 10 Ammo
This is a very useful tool for creating more effective mines than those made by the mine placement tool. Place infront of spawning points, then when they are packed in, fire at the barrels from a safe disdance.
Upgrades: Bigger Bang.

Grenades – 30 Ammo
Fairly useless exepting when in the tomb level once having blocked all entrances with barrels, throwing a grenade into the tomb.
Upgrades: Bigger Bang.

Mines – 5 Ammo
The most useless weapon, as barrels have bigger explotions and only one zombie can ever be affected, do not use.

Rocket Lancher – 30 Ammo
The rocket launcher is a good weapon for thinning out crouds untill the railgun is available.
Upgrades: Rapid Fire.

Railgun – 50 Ammo
The railgun is the best and last weapon in the game, allowing you to kill all the zombies infront of you in a straight line, once in rapid fire mode, is a very deadly weapon.
Upgrades: Rapid Fire.

Warning! This game is addicive! 5/5

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